USA begins arrest and deportation of illegal migrants


USA begins arrest and deportation of illegal migrants

"Our border is not open to illegal immigration", read a statement released by ICE regarding the raids.

SAN ANTONIO (AP) - Immigration agents over the weekend conducted the first raids targeting the deportation of families who flocked across the United States' southern border over the past two years, a senior government official said Monday.

According to ICIRR, immigration removal orders have been issued to 17,000 Central American families living illegally in the United States, including 800 in IL. So far, authorities have netted 121 people who are in the process of being deported back to their home countries, Johnson said.

"If immigration comes, students and faculty at Yale Law School will join with Ula, Junta, city of New Haven, and others to defend those arrested", Wishnie said. Many Americans are uncomfortable with the idea of deporting mothers and children fleeing violence, but soaring gang activity means that young men and teens could also be extremely vulnerable if forced to return.

"Migration is a natural human phenomenon that when people are hungry they move where the food is, when they are thirsty, they move where the water is and where there is violence, they move away from the violence", the pastor said.

"I'm here to express our extreme disappointment at the recent announcement regarding raids of families who have entered the United States in the recent year", said NIJC's Claudia Valenzuela. Vice Minister Oscar Padilla said that starting Monday, consulates would be interviewing and reviewing the cases of citizens on deportation lists to ensure that each has an order signed by a judge.

Sanchez said Congress has to find a better approach to handling the latest migrants coming from Central America, and ensure they receive their due process and provided with counsel.

"As pastors we know that each and every family is a holy family and the individuals and families who have fled violence don't just need our prayers, they need sanctuary", the Rev. Alison Harrington said in an earlier statement.

The points listed are deportation, border security, unaccompanied children, smuggling, and cooperation with the Mexican government, public awareness, citizenship and the Flores case, which addresses child migrants.

Those arrested over the weekend of January 2 are primarily from Georgia, Texas, and North Carolina, but immigrant rights groups are urging Inland residents to be vigilant and report any presence of immigration officials in their neighborhoods.

Johnson's law office has handled hundreds of cases of Central Americans seeking either political asylum or a special juvenile visa available for youths who arrive unaccompanied by an adult. But immigration agents are showing up at the homes of targeted people without warrants and demand entrance, the Times said.

While past deportation efforts have focused on adults at places of employment, Johnson said the weekend's operations were an effort to deport higher numbers of adults who entered the USA illegally with children.

Many of the Latinos targeted in President Obama´s push are from three countries, collectively known as the Northern Triangle: Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras, where drug trafficking, violence, corruption and poverty is rife. "But, we must enforce the law consistent with our priorities", Johnson said. If they don't have it, you are not required to open the door.

Ryan Campbell, communications director for the DRM Action Coalition, which advocates for Dreamers, or illegal immigrants brought to the children, said Mrs. Clinton's tepid response to the raids follows her initial reaction to the Central American surge in 2014, when she said they should be deported as quickly as possible - a sentiment that didn't go over well with immigration-minded voters.

Rene Morales said his sister Rosa and her children were captured by immigration agents in Houston after they crossed illegally in July 2014.





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