Sean Penn Surveillance Photos Released From El Chapo Trip


Sean Penn Surveillance Photos Released From El Chapo Trip

Matt Sayles/AP El Chapo told actress Kate del Castillo he would take of her 'more than my own eyes'.

The security forces came close to catching Guzman shortly afterwards.

The drug lord, however, was later caught in a stolen vehicle a mile away from across town by the Mexican Federal Police, who took him to a motel and called for backup.

An interior ministry security official, who has visited the jail on various occasions, said the problem with housing kingpins like "El Chapo" was that they could easily buy off the entire prison staff. - The crime lord had humble beginnings. "I see Sean Penn on the internet here", wrote "Papa".

Following that meeting, which Mexican authorities had known about, troops entered Guzman's remote mountain stronghold in northwestern Mexico in order to "spit him out toward a city", a government official told reporters on condition of anonymity.

He was right - and they had apparently been following del Castillo for months based on contacts with Guzman's lawyers.

See him now? Rolling Stone posted its full 17-minute interview footage with Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman on Tuesday, January 12, in which the Mexican drug lord answers Sean Penn's questions via prerecorded videotape. Both she and Penn are now rumored to be under investigation by the Mexican government.

Five of the hitmen were killed in the shootout, one of them falling from the roof to a patio and another dying on the street, Televisa said.

Guzman eventually met del Castillo face to face in an undisclosed jungle clearing in October, along with actor and director Sean Penn.

Asked about the images, Penn said: "I've got nothing' to hide".

Items found by Marines at the Los Mochis property included DVDs of "La Reina Del Sur", a fictional series about a female drug boss starring Mexican actress Kate del Castillo.

"And over here, this was the spot where the second person died", he said pointing to a patch of blood measuring about two meters by two meters.

As they moved inside, they arrested one man. They screamed at a woman who was hiding in a bathroom, asking her where the kingpin was. The handle opened a secret door, leading down into the escape tunnel, the show explained.

After his July 11 escape, a dozen prison officials were detained and security was increased with extra surveillance cameras and metal rods in the floors to prevent new tunnels. The company advertised it alongside Guzman's picture, with the slogan "Most Wanted..."

"With this action, 98 of the 122 most risky criminals no longer pose a risk to society", he said.





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