Paloma Faith, Boy George, and Ricky Wilson seated for third 'Blind audition' in The Voice


Paloma Faith, Boy George, and Ricky Wilson seated for third 'Blind audition' in The Voice

Sportsman Chris, who played for clubs including Newcastle United, Tottenham Hotspur and France's Marseille, was among the supporters willing on his daughter.

Will wasn't finished: "He's doing rock, you do rock, he probably came on the show thinking okay. somebody on this show is right for what I do, you don't have to turn for it but that being said I can't keep my lips shut".

The 24-year-old, who played Paul Langley on the BBC One programme, sang a lively rendition of Wait On Me by Rixton.

The 27-year-old dad ended up choosing Paloma Faith as he said she is a "massive inspiration" to him musically.

You can rewatch Deano's performance on the BBC iPlayer and go to 58:52.

Well if he was watching he'll be seeing more of Charley as she's on Team George after the Culture Club frontman turned round for her, telling her "there's something really earthy about your sound".

Teenager Lauren Lapsley-Browne from Dublin took on Rufus and Chaka Khan classic Ain't Nobody, and won the approval of and Paloma.

"I'm not judging who you are or your style of music..."

The audience came in with some perfectly timed pantomime "oos" as held his hands up.

Ricky told the camera: "Anyone I turn for I have to truly believe that they can win the show", as Will joked: "I wish Ricky would have turned, but I'm sorry I'll never mention your name again".

She added: "And even though it was seven years ago and I had an inkling, it still cut through me, I can't describe to you how I felt".

Entrant Irene Alano-Rhodes also opted for the American, much to the chagrin of Ricky.

However, noticing the friction, Boy George then said: "Calm down, you're both pretty!"

The third round of the blind auditions on The Voice UK drew to an emotional close on Saturday evening thanks to hopeful Irene Alano-Rhodes.



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