Oregon 'Terrorist' Regrets Losing Main Source Of Income: Foster Kids


Oregon 'Terrorist' Regrets Losing Main Source Of Income: Foster Kids

Several of the militia members who have seized an Oregon wildlife refuge headquarters to protest the prison sentences of two Oregon ranchers for arson (who, incidentally, have said they'd rather not have the militia group's help) are from Arizona, including dumbass John Ritzheimer, who has been widely mocked for his "Daddy-swore-an-oath" explanation of why he abandoned his children at Christmas for this occupation nonsense.

"Probably they did. But they were nice enough to let us go and come back". "I doubt [law enforcement] even knew we were gone".

Oregon militia spokesman Robert "LaVoy" Finicum told OPB that the four foster children who had been living with him and his wife on their Chino Valley, Arizona, ranch have been taken away. "(Federal authorities) must have gotten to the governor, who told the state to get them out of there".

Police in Oregon have arrested one of the men involved in a standoff after he drove a government-owned truck to a store in Burns.

They disagreed with Bundy's demand that the refuge - a popular place for birdwatchers and hunters - be turned over to local residents.

While the media has referred to the situation as an armed standoff, more specifically, the "Oregon Standoff", the federal authorities have kept their distance, and the local authorities, led by Harney County Sheriff David Ward, are also treading lightly. 'They have been suppressed to the point where they're ready to act'.

But Finicum didn't really receive the sympathy he thought he would after he said he was upset about losing his foster children primarily because he was making money off them.


"We are very successful (foster parents)", he said. One was there for a year, one of the boys was there six months, another eight months, and a month. Our track records are good, it's been a good relationship. According to a 2010 tax filing, Catholic Charities paid the family 5,343 to foster children in 2009.



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