Mr. Robot Season 2 Promises To Be Even More Unreal


Mr. Robot's creator Sam Esmail has been discussing season 2 at a posh American press event while we stayed at home trying to avoid eating biscuits.

Season 2, expected to start this summer, will take place 30 days after the first season ended. The new season will begin with that struggle.

"The whole show has been about Elliot's emotional journey and I really wanted the focus on that", Esmail said. The "headline" for Season 2, said Esmail, will be "how do these guys reconcile?" His hacking inspiration, the title character portrayed by Slater, is his long-lost father and - spoiler alert for those about to check out the series - turns out to be a figment of Elliot's imagination. So you're learning it with him. What I think is interesting in just hearing these two talk, we are really talking about a person of the Occupy Wall Street mentality versus the Wall Street mentality and seeing it through the eyes of two young women, which I don't think I've seen before, but I find that dynamic really interesting. "As long as that's organic and plays real, ....It's not my agenda to shock you". "Look, it's about a guy who becomes aware of this delusion he's having". "There will be a lot more backstory that we're going to show", Esmail shared. "And to address that, yes, the time line is going to get a little clearer". But a little clearer ...

Asked if there's anything else in the series that will be revealed as not real, Esmail said yes. "When I think about that, which kind of haunts me as a human being, having to do that". How does Elliot reconcile with the fact that he's just seeing this fantasy? Or sorry, we can't say that for sure, but he's definitely smarter than 99.9 percent of the viewing public! "Do we know?" The answer: "No".

Read only if you've seen all of Mr. Robot season one! "I do have to use him sparingly because a lot of what's great about his character is he's got such a great mystery around him".

"I don't put anything in the show arbitrarily. I remember Elliot throws his hands up at the end of the first episode, and I think I did the same thing".

Prepare for more keyboard-tapping, hoodie-wearing and ridiculous episode titling - Mr. Robot is coming back for a second season, as you probably already know.

Another "big question" in season two will surround Elliot's childhood best friend and Evil Corp employee, Angela (Portia Doubleday), and his sister Darlene, and the stark contrast between them. It seemed like star Rami Malek would need a therapist for the intense role he plays, but it looks like he'll be needing several weekly sessions if this show gets even more darker as the series creator is promising.

He largely resisted our efforts, but offered a little bit. But the show's look is so singular that it kind of makes sense. "And you're not going to believe this, but I think it's actually going to be easier on me", he said.





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