Letv to come up with grand announcement on January 20 at KOD


The new Chinese brand has ambitious plans to venture into the smartphone market and also bring a series of hardware products to India over the subsequent few months. The Le 3D Helmet has been announced as a solution to the Samsung Gear, but with a few interesting twists that are going to grab VR enthusiasts attention.

As the name implies, the Super Cycle is a bicycle, but it's connected with Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity and includes a PTT walkie-talkie. It has, however stressed that the Le 3D Helmet, Leme Bluetooth Headphones and Super Cycle will have "disruptive" pricing.

The company on Tuesday launched its innovative Le 3D Helmet, LeMe Bluetooth Headphones and Super Cycle. The Super Cycle is not just a cycle, it's an Internet-enabled self-powered transport system, which will take fitness to newer levels. The Beijing-headquartered company has launched three new innovative devices in India aiming to offer the end-users with devices which have "superior performance and riotous pricing".

Known to be one of the largest online video companies in China, LeTV has been providing a variety of content in China and has also ventured into making smartphones, TVs and other smart products. The bicycle's 8,400 mAh battery, can be charged simply by pedalling. Powered by Cycle OS, it comes with a walkie-talkie for communication and GPS for navigation; there is a lighting system that lights up automatically upon sensing the surroundings.

Redefining the biking expertise with an additional effort of dynamic visible impact, it launched the Super Cycle, which is the primary of its type sensible city Cycle with an Internet-enabled self-powered transport system. The overall quality of the video looks good but nothing exceptional and the headset also comes with a built-in diopter setting, which helps in focusing especially for people who wear glasses. Using the cloud computing, it lets you obtain the real-time data. It basically straps onto your and with the USB Type-C port it can connect to your smartphone via MHL signal input. Coming to the headphones, the LeMe Bluetooth headphones are the world's first headphones with teardrop design. One can guard the bicycle against thefts, not with locks and chains, but with ones fingerprint, as the Super Cycle sports a fingerprint scanner.


Also, it showcased, LeMe Bluetooth Headphones, which feature a dimension of 180*176.8*62.8MM, and a speaker frequency response of 20Hz- 20,000Hz, for the ultimate wireless audio experience. The headset is pretty standard with a 195mAH Li-ion battery which provides power for about 10 hours and a standby time of close to 30 days. They will be available in the colours: Red, Orange, White, Blue and Pink.



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