IRS watchdog warns of scaled-back service in agency plans


IRS watchdog warns of scaled-back service in agency plans

The IRS confirmed in a news release that the letters, which were mailed in late December, were in error. Hopefully, you will get a great return and won't have to pay Uncle Sam. The best way to estimate how much your refund will be (or your tax payment) is to use an online tax refund calculator.

The Department says it is entering this tax season with a focus on safeguarding taxpayers against fraud. Previous year the average refund was $3,034. "There's nothing in the "future state" that says we're not going to have people answer the phones or have someone see an IRS agent in person", he said and claimed that Olson has "misconceived what's happening".

Olson's warnings stem from limited public pronouncements about the agency's planning and internal IRS discussions. The report states the IRS is actively considering user fee increases that would further mitigate the cuts to its budget. The report recommends that the IRS revise the form to require additional information supporting the application and review this information before deciding whether to approve exemption applications. If the same conditions occur on a paper filed return, the IRS will delay its processing and any refund that may be due to safeguard the taxpayer.

In addition to discussing problems with the future state plan, the report also discusses problems that undermine taxpayers' rights, problems that waste IRS resources and problems that contribute to noncompliance with earned income tax credits.

Thorough research and analysis of current tax issues and trends is a vital part of the annual report. According to the IRS, if you made $60,000 or less, you could be eligible to file your federal taxes for free.

The Internal Revenue Service said Tuesday that taxpayers are receiving letters with the wrong date listed for their Identity Protection Personal Identification Numbers, which are generally issued to victims of tax-related identity theft. It has been considered since 2011, when the Government Accountability Office (GAO) was asked to investigate the overlap between the individuals who had applied for passports during the 2008 fiscal year and those who had outstanding tax debts.

Taxpayers presently make more than 100 million calls a year to the IRS and more than 5 million visits to the agency's walk-in assistance centers.

As with the Hinders' case, the problem with the new passport revocation law is that the IRS can simply cancel your passport merely by alleging you owe money to the federal government. As anyone who has experienced it can tell you, tax fraud is not something you ever want to deal with if you can help it. And our service is free.



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