Growing possibility of snow - maybe lots of it


Growing possibility of snow - maybe lots of it

The National Weather Service is expecting a winter storm over the weekend, warning residents that a significant amount of snow should hit the region.

Foot's Forecast is likening the forecast to the historic storms of February 2010, the last time we experienced an El Niño winter.

Here is where our story begins - and I stress that it is only Monday and this forecast WILL CHANGE to some degree.

Along the mid-Atlantic and New England coast, a period of rough seas, minor coastal flooding and beach erosion can occur.

For now, keep watching your forecast each day for updates as we head through the week.

Before we start that "hype machine", let's take a step back and focus on the week ahead, which will be our coldest of this season by far.

Such a track all but guarantees that most of the region will have at least some snow.

The forecast models are in unusually close agreement for a storm that is more than four days in the future.

That unwelcome sound of ice scraper on windshield had nearly faded from memory until Sunday, but now forecasters are saying New Jersey could be in the path of a more powerful snow-generating storm by the end of the week. By Thursday night or Friday, snow or a rain/snow mix may impact parts of the Ohio Valley, Tennessee Valley, Appalachians and potentially the Mid-Atlantic. The timing of the snow will be problematic, since most of it will fall during the evening commute, leading to tough travel conditions.

Details such as how much snow and exactly when it would fall are still unknown; the storm could pass by the area relatively harmlessly.

Albany, New York has seen only 4.4 inches of snow accumulate, leaving the city over 22 inches below average. The system is just starting to come in from the Pacific and won't reach the East Coast until Friday. As of this article, the latest that we have ever gone into a winter season before recording the first inch of snowfall in Hagerstown was in the winter of 1900-1901.

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