Florida mansion owned by Pablo Escobar set for demolition


Escobar's drug cartel was responsible for much of the cocaine imported into the United States in the 1980's and 1990's. The federal government reportedly never searched the waterfront home when it was seized in 1987, generating rumors about possibly hidden wealth.

The Miami Beach mansion that once belonged to Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar is slated to be demolished by the current owners Tuesday morning. "I would like to be associated with something more uplifting, but nevertheless, it is a part of the city", he said.

"We want to close a very dark chapter in the history of Miami", said de Berdouare's wife, journalist Jennifer Valoppi, to the Miami Herald. He spent several months on the run before he was shot to death by a special police unit in 1993.

Chicken Kitchen owner Christian de Berdouare, who purchased the property in 2014, wants to build a more modern home on the site. The name Pablo Escobar is listed in a document transferring ownership of the property. Before the demolition, de Berdouare had professional treasure hunters comb through it looking for traces from Escobar's days.

The fire damaged mansion sat vacant for years. Watching construction excavators tear into the mansion, he said he was elated to see "the house of the devil" disappearing.


The four-bedroom, six-bathroom home on Biscayne Bay was built in 1948. A former neighbor told de Berdouare that he remembered seeing cigarette boats regularly coming and going in the water outside the house.



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