Donald Trump revives memories of Bill Clinton's affair


Donald Trump revives memories of Bill Clinton's affair

Last night, Trump opening up his private plane, Trump Force One.

To get an idea of just how far the relationship between Trump and the top members of the Clinton family have fallen, rewind to October 2008, when, in one sentence Trump argued then-President George W. Bush should be impeached for marching the nation to war and Clinton's impeachment over the Lewinsky affair wasn't merited.

Jackson disagrees with Morris, saying that Bernie Sanders will lose the election, but he hopes Clinton will be able to pull out "skeletal files" on the Republican candidates like Trump, whom Jackson believes is running on "hate".

Since Hillary announced that her husband would be joining her on the campaign trail, people have been debating whether or not it's fair for the GOP to attack Bill's sexual misdeeds in order to indirectly attack her. "But there certainly were a lot of abuse of women, you look at whether it's Monica Lewinsky or Paula Jones, or any of them, and that certainly will be fair game", Trump said on NBC. "You look at it, it's tremendous abuse". Hillary has to run her campaign, not somebody else's campaign.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump should consider such thoughts as he ponders his plan to go mano a mano against Bill Clinton, the most popular living former president and the heavyweight champion of American politics today.

According to the Clinton campaign, Bill Clinton will rally supporters in Exeter and Nashua on January 4.

The rules governing presidential campaigns are being rewritten in fundamental ways for the 2016 election, and Republican front-runner Donald Trump is generating much of the change. And then she came out with the sexism, which is so nonsense.

"It made no sense to attack him when she could have sent a surrogate or a spokesperson to do it", he said. Think about it: How is her appointing him really any different than if she'd appointed Bill Cosby? Trump said this and that, ugh, and you just. 

Hillary Clinton, who has been embracing the possibility of becoming the country's first female president, has also benefited when she has been perceived to have been unfairly attacked by men. She predicted Trump's attacks on Bill Clinton would sway few voters. Clinton's somewhat awkward response: "Well, I would say that everybody should be believed at first, until they are disbelieved based on evidence".

The latest salvoes appear to tip the argument over whether either man's sexual history is relevant to the campaign.

She was right on both counts. Bill Clinton has preyed on them, and in a workplace setting where he was by far the superior. Trump has denied the accusation; his former wife has backed away from her claim.

"It was my obligation to get along with all politicians", he told the New York Times via email.

The illusion, Aragon said, is that voters think of women as being experts in "bread-and-butter issues" like healthcare and education.

That leaves the door open to Bill Clinton to reiterate his regret for the Lewinsky affair. Uber-feminist Clinton was reduced to "I am woman". "At the age of 24, I learned the devastating consequences". He has been able to generate endless news coverage in the mainstream media nearly at will and is a huge presence on social media, including Twitter and Instagram.

Evan as Trump spoke against Bill Clinton, CNN delved into its vaults and found a 2008 interview in which Trump assessed both Clinton and former President George W. Bush, whose record, he has criticized repeatedly during the campaign.



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