Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders hold solid leads in Iowa, CNN/ORC poll finds


Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders hold solid leads in Iowa, CNN/ORC poll finds

"However, he would still have to overcome Clinton's demographic advantage in the ensuing contests", Patrick Murray, director of the Monmouth University Polling Institute, said in a statement accompanying the poll. He was asked about that today, and he said that unlike Secretary Clinton, it didn't take him a long, long time to come out in opposition to Keystone.

At the first of three stops across Iowa on Thursday, with 600 people packed into an atrium at Simpson College, Clinton flatly promised that Sen.

His campaign said the ad represents Bernie's broad appeal since launching his campaign last spring and talking to more than 40,000 people at packed rallies and townhalls.

"It can sound like he hasn't really thought it through", says Clinton. Voters over 50 prefer Clinton 64%-24%, and black and Latino voters side with her 71%-21%. He has a lot of support from young people, but you know what? Sanders' improved showing against Clinton in Democratic support comes in part because of his strong support from political independents and from voters under 30.

When asked about the economy, health care, and foreign policy, Sanders scored the highest at 58 percent on the economy and 51 percent on health care, compared to Clinton's 36 percent and 45 percent, respectively.

Bernie Sanders poses an obvious threat to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire - where he leads by an average of almost 13 points in polls - but Clinton's loss may be businessman Donald Trump's gain in the Granite state's Republican presidential primary. Her attacks, according to a memo describing the event, backfired when Sanders reinforced his message in his responses. "And you've got to win states like Missouri if you want to win the presidency".

Sanders' campaign has responded to the critiques by questioning Clinton's judgment and noting her 2002 vote for the Iraq War, something that then-Sen. But Clinton appears to be running scared.

She said the Iranian government still engages in a variety of concerning behaviors, including supporting terror, backing Syrian President Bashar Assad, and destabilizing the region.

Here's Bill Clinton on Sanders. She implored the crowd to join her "in helping to change our country, keep it on a progressive path, make sure we don't go back, we go forward, with confidence".





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